Heritage Planning

  • Understanding the principles and underlying investigation methods of Heritage Precincts, Local and State Significant items and development impact within these spaces.
  • Preparation of a detailed Heritage Impact Statement (HIS)
  • Assisting in the design, colour palette and material selection to support cohesive development of a heritage item, or within a heritage precinct or located in the curtilage of a heritage item.
  • Cohesion with the Burra Charter
  • Enhancing heritage readability through design and development
  • Preparation and layout of Photographic montages
  • Adaptation and retrofit for use

Heritage is often considered old, external elements of a building/s, structure/s or locations but this is not necessarily the case.  Understanding the readability of a space, the mortar joints, brick sizes, location of doorways and windows, materials and other single elements identifies the era and use.  This also identifies ‘false positives’ and heritage imitations.

Heritage can belong to a single or a cluster of individual internal features or layout of a property.  It can also relate to the original Surveyor General’s subdivision and conversion of Old Systems Title.  Preventing consolidation of land allows the heritage of a space to remain intact.  Modern design is also part of heritage conservation. 

Proper investigations also identify suitable adaptation methods so as to not puncture or devalue the important readable form.