Engaging Us

The planning system is very complex with its own language and is not easily understood.  Without a town planner, often there are sacrifices made in the DA process due to not understanding the assessment and legislative framework.  Pure Urban Planning tailors the information to form a detailed application, providing a written narrative of how your proposal meets the non-discretionary and discretionary requirements within the confinements of the legislation, to get the approval, to move forward. 

The benefits of appointing Pure Urban Planning is that we know the process and know...

When to wait

It can be tempting to try to push Council to meet your specific deadlines and ideal outcomes. Sometimes this can backfire and undermine your likelihood of success. We have the experience to judge when to wait, and what types of diplomacy to pursue.

When to push forward

When the time and context is right, Council may require more persistent attention. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise on what sorts of lobbying approaches to undertake, and how best to leverage Council structures

Responding to Council

If Council raises objections, we are equipped to understand whether these are reasonable, and how they can best be addressed. Our knowledge of Land & Environment Court precedents provides us with a strong indication of the likelihood of success in challenging Council and unfair Council determinations.

Some of our clients come to us with problems from services provided by other residual professionals, who have prepared and submit an application and can not make traction with it in the DA process.  We can help and work with consultants and Council to make traction and move through to the end process, determination of the development application.

We understand when time is money and how to manoeuvre through the planning process.