Development Applications

  • Co-ordinate and prepare a comprehensive application for submission
  • Satisfying relevant Council and legislative requirements to avoid untimely delays.
  • Prepare Statement of Environmental Effects (SOEE) Bushfire Assessment Reports and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Formulating ‘Existing Use Right’ applications
  • Managing the DA process from submission to determination
  • Review of development consent conditions
  • s.82A Review of Determination
  • Exempt Development Reports
  • S.96 Applications
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Report

Submitting a comprehensive development application that addresses and contains the relevant level of detail required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000 provides the clear pathway for the consent authority to determine the application.  Provision of the relevant information at the DA stage allows for a quick assessment from the Consent Authority. 

Pure Urban Planning has a strong and comprehensive working relationships with Architects, Designers, Engineers and other professionals and will co-ordinate and liaise with them on each project as required. 

There is a clear separation of information required at the DA stage and that required for the issuing of the Construction Certificate.