Concierge Service

From start to finish we can organise, make arrangements, provide instructions, liaise between, and keep things moving.  This service eliminates the additional time delays that hinder the front end of development. 

Pure Urban Planning has strong working relationships with various professionals and we are able to engage the right ones, best suited to your project.  From the purchase of the property, to designs and preliminary drawings, preparation of the development application and seeing the project through to the end.  This service allows you to get on with other things rather than having to organise everything yourself and inform the different professionals at each turn. 

The Concierge Service is available to all of our clients, regardless of how big or small the project is and no matter where the property is located geographically in NSW. 

When time delays add additional costs to your project, and you have other things to do, this service provides you with the new way forward.